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Hungry Frog Freeware Arcade Math Game 1.0 (Win95/98/NT)
freeware_algebra_game.exe REVIEW

Help kids learn algebra in an entertaining way with a multimedia arcade game that's actually a high-quality math learning tool in disguise. The Hungry Frog line of educational games are all based on a scenario where frogs have become endangered species (which isn't far from the truth), and the world is becoming overpopulated by a selection of strange and unusual insects. The frogs' only hope is to eat as many bugs as possible, get healthy and fat, and multiply by making as many tadpoles as possible. Your competition comes in the form of hungry fish who vie for dominance by eating your little tadpoles.

This is definitely an entertaining way to tackle algebra problems, with arcade-style graphics, fun sounds, and loads of colors and movement. Frogs are fed by solving the algebra problems on the large bugs that float by. Constant challenges are presented as your frogs work to survive, and you can set the game to get tougher as the math starts to get easier to complete. Sounds can be toggled on and off, though they are a large part of the charm of this program, and are more fun left on. Boy, if games like this had existed when I was learning algebra, I might have actually enjoyed math!

Clear instructions are available by clicking on the help documentation included in this download. Once your kids get th hang of the game, it's a cinch to play, and the score display will serve as instant gratification for them as they solve the math problems the game presents.

Hungry Frog doesn't just do math -- interesting educational titles are available in chemistry and lnguages, including French, German, Spanish, Latin, Greek, and Italian. -- Kerry R. Krueger

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"We are pleased to notify you that your application "Hungry Frog Freeware Arcade Math Game" has been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars. As a recognition to the high quality of "Hungry Frog Freeware Arcade Math Game" and the great work carried out in their development, you have been granted our greatest prize...

Congratulations for the prize. I sincerely hope that you continue to add new features to Hungry Frog Freeware Arcade Math Game and develop other interesting and professional applications."


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Palm Pilot / PalmOS PDA Freeware

Hungry Frog Buggles v1.0 Freeware Game (download)

HungryFrog Buggles is an arcade style freeware game for any PalmOS device running v2.0 or higher of the Palm operating system. Color is not required, but is makes the game a lot more fun.

In Hungry Frog Buggles you play a frog character who has to stop bugs from polluting his pond and making it unlivable. Bugs are always trying to drop their poison eggs into your frog's pond, and you have to blurp out bubbles to stop the bugs and the bug eggs.

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