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Jellyfish Fun(tm) Aquarium

Jellyfish Fun software is oceans of fun...

Help your jellyfish pluck bait off pointy hooks of
fishermen trying to catch your Ocean Buddies!
jelly german shot
Jellyfish Fun German (level 1)

Jellyfish Fun Games
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Import and export lessons and share data files between Hungry Frog, 49er Gold Rush and Jellyfish Fun games. Learn the same math, chemistry and foreign language topics in a totally different game format! Math, Chemistry, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin and Homeric Greek are all available in the Jellyfish Fun game format.

Visit the on-line manuals pages to learn how software works in detail, or read on for a quick overview of the jellyfishfun game format.

The Ocean World is where your jellyfish squish around; the fishermen fish; and your ocean buddies play! Your jellyfish pluck the bait off the nasty hooks of the fishermen who are trying to catch your ocean buddies for lunch! To steal bait off a hook and make it go away, click once on a jellyfish, and then click again on a hook whose bait matches the "solution" on the jellyfish. Hooks can catch your Ocean Buddies! If the point of a baited hook hits one of your ocean buddies, then the fishermen grab him for lunch! You don't want that to happen, so you need to help your jellyfish steal the bait off the fishermen's hooks before it is too late.

Bonus Buddy Points: You get special bonus points for every ocean buddy left at the end of each level, and as you score higher and higher points you even get special bonus ocean buddies!

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