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Hungry Frog for Windows v6.0

This is a major version upgrade.



Program manuals for v4.3 software:

  • Hungry Frog Series
  • Math
  • Math Counting
  • Math Arithmetic
  • Jellyfish Fun Series
  • Math
  • Math Arithmetic
  • 49er Gold Rush Series
  • Math
  • Math Arithmetic
  • Math Factor Hopper!
  • Math Factor Hopper
  • Math Factor Hopper Game

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    - Math
    - Latin
    - Spanish / French
    - Early Learning
    - Simply Fun!

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    Hungry Frog Latin & Homeric Greek Classics Page

    Hungryfrog French v6.0

    Hungryfrog Spanish v6.0

    Hungryfrog German Language Games

    New v6.0 Hungryfrog educational software online program games for Windows Vista is now available as a free download teaching Math, Chemistry and French Spanish German Italian and Latin and Homeric Greek. Read program manuals for Latin Language Games, Homeric Greek Games, French Language Games and German Language Games.

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