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The Original Hungry Frog Game Series for MacOS
(Windows users follow this link: Windows Software )

In MacOS Hungry Frog games, frogs are endangered species, and the world is overcome with bizarre and unusual bugs. Your frogs must eat as many bugs as possible to get fat, make tadpoles and multiply. Hungry fish compete by eating your helpless tadpoles. Read the on-line MacOS manual, or have a look at student raves to learn more. This little animation shows the basic game set-up (minus fish, tadpoles, sounds, educational content...)

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(Windows users follow this link: Windows Software )

Chemistry (grades 5-12):
Chem I - Ion charges & formulae (grades 6-12) info or order
Chem II - Organic chemistry: organic qualitative analysis (grades 10-12) info or order
Chem III - Periodic table: element names & symbols (grades 5-12) info or order
Chem IV - Balancing chemical equations by inspection (grades 7-12) info or order
Chem V - Equation coefficients and subscripts (grades 7-12) info or order
Math (grades K-8):
Math I - Counting (grades K-1) info or order
Math II - Whole number & integer number lines (grades K-3) info or order
Math III - Arithmetic (grades 3-8) info or order
Languages (grades 4-12)
Latin - Latin vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order
Greek - Homeric Greek vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order
Languages (grades 4-12)
French - French vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order
Spanish - Spanish vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order
Italian - Italian vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order
German - German vocabulary (grades 4-12) info or order