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Apple Macintosh Windows 95/NT

The Original Hungry Frog Game Series for MacOS

(Win95/NT users follow this link: Windows95/NT )

In MacOS Hungry Frog games, frogs are endangered species, and the world is overcome with bizarre and unusual bugs. Your frogs must eat as many bugs as possible to get fat, make tadpoles and multiply. Hungry fish compete by eating your helpless tadpoles. Read the on-line MacOS manual, or have a look at student raves to learn more. This little animation shows the basic game set-up (minus fish, tadpoles, sounds, educational content...)

Windows 95/NT Software

Please visit our Windows 95/NT page for information on all our Windows programs including the Hungry Frog Language games for Windows. You can also go directly to the Windows 95 Hungry Frog Language on-line manuals to learn in detail about all the new features including:

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Macintosh Software

Hungry Frog Modern Language Games (grades 4-12)

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These games teaching modern language vocabulary (French, Spanish, Italian & German) each use dictionaries of approximately 1200 - 3000 words. Vocabulary in the built-in dictionary is suitable for first or second year language classes. You can create dictionaries tailored to your own needs, beginning or advanced. Personal dictionaries are automatically saved by player name, and you can create an unlimited number of your own lessons and word-lists. Internal feedback loops focus on problem words, and problem words are flagged when study-lists are generated at the end of game sessions.