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Hungry Frog Homeric Greek Shown:
Hungry Frog Homeric Greek Vocabulary Game

Visit our home page for full graphics and detailed explanation of how all software works, including Hungry Frog, 49er Gold Rush, Jellyfish Fun and Math Factor Hopper software. Read on for a short mostly text description of the Hungry Frog Windows games only. Check out the System Requirements for you Windows PC or Windows Network.

The Game World is where the game action takes place. Your Frog Family and Tadpoles inhabit the bottom of the world, and the Bugs pass by above. You help your frog family grow by helping your frogs eat bugs. The Score Ball in the upper right corner of the Game World tallies your score. You also have a fleeting Time Bonus Score Ball which bounces up and down on the right of the Game World. If you clear the Game World of bugs before the Time Bonus Score Ball disappears, you get that bonus added to your score for that level.

When you have cleared the Game World of Bugs, you advance to the next level of play and you get your score tallied for the game level just ended. If you have eaten bugs correctly one after another, you will have an Accuracy Bonus as well as a Time Bonus added to your score. When you have cleared the board, you've also allowed one of your Tadpoles to become a frog so your total number of tadpoles is reduced by one. Your tadpoles are always swimming around with your frogs in the bottom of the Game World. Levels get more and more complex as the game moves forward.

Hungry Frog Math Arithmetic
(details) (order page)

Visit the details page with full graphics and details, or read on for a text only description of the game.

Math Arithmetic: User Settings

The program keeps track of your performance during the game and adjusts game difficulty internally to match your ability. From the Game Options menu you can choose to play with or without sounds, and play an easy or hard game. At any time you can change the equations seen in the game as described below using the Equation Generator.

Math Arithmetic: Equation Generator

In Math Arithmetic you use the Equation Generator to practice a wide variety of arithmetic problems. You can start with addition and subtraction in equations yielding both positive and negative results and then move on to multiplication, division and even absolute value equations. You can mix and match any operators and terms, choosing 2 term equations or 3 term equations (including operator precedence rules) simultaneously mixing absolute value into any equations. You choose what numbers to use in your equations, so you can be sure to practice only the problems you want.

For screenshots and a detailed manual, click here.

Hungry Frog Math Counting
(details) (order page)

Visit the details page with full graphics and details, or read on for a text only description of the game.

Hungry Frog Math Counting teaches basic counting skills to children ages 3 and up (enumeration of objects). In this game, children count spots on bugs - matching them to the corresponding numerals on frogs. Click here for details and screen shots.

Hungry Frog Language Vocabulary
(details) (order page)

Click here to go to the details page for full graphics and a detailed description about how the programs work, or read on for a text only overview.

Hungry Frog Modern and Classical Foreign Language Educational games for Windows include:

Programs automatically adapt to your learning. Programs track your performance and adjust game difficulty and pace to match. Programs also dynamically adjust to match your learning speed and ability - showing you less of what you know and more of what you don't know over time.

Games are completely customizable. At any time, even during play, you can modify the vocabulary you are learning in the game by using the Lesson and Dictionary Editor. You can very easily create an unlimited number (over 32,000) lessons without typing anything! You just click to make a new lesson or modify an existing lesson, and then use the mouse to move words from the main dictionary into your new or existing lesson. You can even edit the main dictionary to add, modify, or delete main dictionary items.

Visit the the language manuals page for complete details and tutorials.

Hungry Frog Chemistry
(details) (order page)

Visit the details page with full graphics and details, or read on for a text only description of the game.

The Hungry Frog Chemistry Science games use the same data engine as the Hungry Frog Language games. Definitions
(or meanings) appear on the bugs for the corresponding Terms appearing on the frogs. For example, you can choose to practice ion charge and formula - in which case the frogs will bear the possible ion charges, and the bugs will bear the names and formulae for ions. As for the language games, you can add your own Terms and Definitions or modify any existing Terms or Definition with the Lesson and Dictionary Editor.

Chemistry: Lesson and Term "Dictionary" Settings

Like in the Hungry Frog Language programs, you can define or redefine any Lessons (Term sets), and you can modify all existing Terms and Definitions. The basic Chemistry game comes with the following Term sets pre-defined:

You can group these into any school or homeschool lesson structure you want and add or delete Terms and Definitions according to the student's ability level. See the details page for more information.

Hungry Frog System Requirements

Hungry Frog Windows games require Windows 95/98/00 or Windows NT or a network running under those Windows operating systems. Minimum system requirements are 16 MB RAM, a Pentium processor and an SVGA video card with 1MB VRAM (2MB recommended).

hungry frog games
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